Keeping your Pool Water Clean – advice from the experts

Swimming Pool Cleaning is a serious business because various contaminants come into the swimming pool in UAE through the swimmers and the surrounding environment. This promotes the growth of bacteria, infectious viruses, and pool parasites in the swimming water leading to an unhygienic pool. This in turn causes various water-borne diseases. Hence, regular Swimming pool maintenance is needed to ensure a pool remains sparkling clean, free from harmful substances, and is suitable for swimmers.

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Swimming Pool Treatment Solutions

Impure and unhygienic pool water needs quick solutions. A standard treatment for?swimming?pool water generally encompasses the following steps:

  • Filtration: is the most common method to remove the impurities from pool water. It is generally carried out in two stages where the first stage removes larger particles like hairs, parasites, and the second stage removes small particles and debris.
  • Disinfection leads to inactivation of unwanted microorganisms and the chemical decomposition of organic material. This is usually done by chlorination of the water treatment. Other methods like ionization, ozone, and UV-treatment can also be used for the disinfection of pool water. All these alternatives have their respective pros and cons.
  • Also, chemical treatment: is often used to soften the water (by removing calcium and magnesium ions). A process called flocculation causes the formation of micro and macro flakes which in turn form larger particles that can be removed by filtration.

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Tips on Swimming Pool Maintenance

Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your pool’s water fresh and hygienic?

  • Keep the chemicals balanced: check your pool’s chlorine, alkalinity, and pH level. The levels should not be too high or low, but just right to maintain the pool chemistry.
  • Check chemical levels every week: to keep the water safe for you and to ensure the longevity of the pool. This becomes all the more essential during the summer months or when the pool usage increases.
  • Clean out your filtration system: A filter? helps to remove impurities and parasites from your pool.? Keep your pool sanitized by cleaning all the filtration types of equipment like skimmer baskets, pumps, and filter on a regular basis.
  • Keep your pool free of debris: In addition to the filtration system and water pump, install an in-floor pool cleaning system to clear all dirt and debris from the pool water automatically. At the same time, it is important to regularly brush or vacuum a pool’s walls and floor.

Water treatment is important to ensure a healthy and safe pool for swimmers. For this reason, Swimming  Pool Specialists should be consulted accordingly. Get all the expertise you need for your pool, with first-class pool service and products from Arabian Pools – UAE’s leading Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE. For many years now, Arabian Pools are in the field of constructing and restoring residential and commercial pools. This includes personal consulting, individual planning and execution as well as future maintenance.

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