Beat the summer blues with some cool Swimming Pool design ideas

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Swimming pools Company in UAE are a great way to beat the scorching summer heat. Before making a plunge into installing a pool, assess your options. Which type of pool would be best suited for your needs? How to enhance the area in and around the pool? What about the water features in Dubai? We give you some simple but effective ideas on pool design, types, and style to help you get your dream pool in Abu Dhabi.

Trendy Pools:

infinity pool design

Plunge Pools:

This is a Stunning Swimming pool design, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE giving one an illusion of a sheet of water rolling over the edge of the property. Looks best with a striking backdrop like an ocean or river.

plunge pools

Infinity Pool:

They are your best bet when you are tight on space. They are small, cold-water pools ideal for taking a relaxing plunge in here.

lap pool

Lap Pools:

Usually long and narrow, they are good for fitness and health purposes. Mostly rectangular in shape to accommodate your swimming laps.

Pool Landscaping

The surrounding landscape of the pool can change the look and feel of your pool. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a pool deck zone which is perfect for entertaining or lounging.? Make the most of your pool space with options like timber, stone pavers, or concrete decks.
  • Use a combination of plants, sculptures, and spectacular Fountain water features in Abu Dhabi to create a different look of your pool.
  • Pools are wet areas and tend to get slippery. Consider slip-resistant materials around the pool for safety purpose and to ensure that the area around looks fine.

Appropriate Lighting & Illumination

There are a variety of underwater lights to give a striking effect to your swimming pool and Fountain water features.

  • Usually, the lighting for swimming pools is designed in a way to ensure vast illumination and safety of swimmers. A well-lit pool completely changes the dark and dull water into a glittering, sparkling element.
  • A  Water fountain lighting on the other hand is designed to highlight vertical and moving water.? The effect of light on the moving surface of water further enhances the beauty of the fountain.

Arabian Pools is a leading swimming pool underwater lights supplier in UAE. Add an exciting dimension to your pool and water fountains with our well-designed underwater lighting equipment.

water features

Awe-inspiring Water Features

Some of the factors which need to be considered when designing a Fountain water feature are:

  • Availability of water
  • Correct Mechanical and Electrical design
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness

Popular Water Features:

  • Waterfalls and cascades create dramatic and calming effects.
  • Animated fountains are elaborate in nature which can be programmed to a dance and music sequence.
  • There are single jet or multiple jet fountains based on their shooting range.

Arabian Pools are known for creating beautiful, eye-catching water features and fountain displays.? Due to its exemplary design and style, Arabian Pools Swimming pool Company is a well-known fountain manufacturer and supplier in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE.

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