Steam Generator – 9kw

  • A new generation steam generator with a host of advanced features.
  • An extra heavy-duty and robust steam generator manufactured using top-quality Teflon coated incalloy elements that resist scaling combined with additional electronics for a long trouble-free working life.
  • All generators feature an advanced electronic control with on board diagnostics having a series of LEDs to show each operation of the boiler. The generator is fitted with several heating elements that operate sequentially, from cold both elements operate for rapid heating, when the steam room temperature is almost reached a number of the elements drops out, and the required temperature is achieved and maintained by the other elements alternating on and off to gently maintain the temperature without large fluctuations improving user comfort.
  • All steam generators come with the steam inlet, on-demand steam button, intelligent digital controller, pressure relief valve, and auto descating system.
  • All generators feature an auto drain down with a self flushing cycle to dump the boiler contents in a controlled manner – at the end of each steaming session the generator will stop for a few minutes to allow the water to cool a little then the drain valve will open and after a short time, the cold water inlet valve will open to give a period of continuous flushing and draining. Flushing and draining the boiler reduces the buildup of damaging limescale, cooling the elements before the final drainage helps prolong their useful life.
  • Electronic controls with a digital display to enable temperatures of 30 to 60 degrees centigrade and time duration 15 to 240 minutes or continual operation with additional keys for a steam room light, keyboard lock, manual drain down, etc.
  • Steam inlet nozzle with facility for adding essential oils.
  • Safety features include boil dry protection, thermal overload safety cut out, and pressure relief valve.
  • Complete with installation instructions, 12 months guarantee

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