Injected Sand Filters “Aquarius” 790Mm/Side Mount

  • Sand filter with 6-way selector side valve.
  • Totally injection molded in polypropylene.
  • Polypropylene spherical body; distribution with micro-hole pipe, anti-slip features with nozzles to ease the maintenance opera-tins.
  • Automatic air bleed with upper filter base for double-ring filter to guarantee stability lid with pressure gauge seat and manual air bleed.
  • Seal is guaranteed by clamps with butterfly valves and nut maintenance does not require tools.
  • Polished and glazed wedges finish.
  • Draining micro-hole pipe distribution.
  • Working pressure max. 2.5 bar, Test pressure 4 bar.
  • Lateral side connectors ¢50 mm (for 1 14” valve) and (2563 mm (for 2” valve).
  • 3/4” filter discharge.
  • Standard: UNI 1063722006 regulation for TYPE D categories
  • Warranty: 5 years.

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